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Summer's departing moving forward into the next season...

Days hot, nights too warm keep us sleepless...that feeling that there is no end until you look back and realize these were the last days.

It feels as if you will always be this hot... if the golden-tinged morning light that tickles bare feet walking around the garden will last endlessly. The weather laughing at our strong Autumnal longing to wear sweaters and long throw the shorts into the back of the closet and forget them for a day...or more.
Until one unexpected's all over, and we realized looking back that yesterday, that last glorious sweaty hot night and deep stillness signified our summer for another year.

For now, the leaves start to turn colors not seen since last Autumn, crisp edges shattering, colors on a spectrum that is as spectacular as only a land that is so hot and dry and then so cold and long of length in winter can present.

During the warm days there are masses of leav…