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Finding Rural

Maybe you clicked on a pin and came over from my Pinterest board.. or you're a blogger who's dropping by, or you're curious about what Rural is.

Rural is not just a place in the heart, it's for those who...
...have an innate love of the mountains, the outdoors, and the joys of gardening, it's all about our connection with nature. 

Rural is the moment that the setting sun glides with a golden glow across the fading fields, while the birds sing from the branches, and the bugs buzz around your head.

It's in that deep breath you just took.
Rural is the bumps under the wheels of a bike travelling down the backcountry road, and the startle of a pheasant calling from the underbrush.

It's in the marvelling of the intricate craftsmanship of a bird's nest, and the unfurling of a fern.

Rural is in the crunch of hiking boots on gravelly rocks as we travel up the mountain path, breath measured, legs working hard.

Rural...because your heart lives here...

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