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Showing posts from February 24, 2019

The frozen forest

The empty parking is lot ringed by stark trees standing like solitary sentinels at the edge of the woods, while silent birds sit hidden among the frost covered branches, making us wonder who else is out there watching while we invade their territory.

Slipping out of the truck, stiff from sitting, sending longing looks back at the heated seats... we move quickly, gathering what we need, it's too cold to stand still, to talk, so we're of one mind, get to the woods, where it will be a few degrees warmer. The cold is a challenge we're up for.

The dog's strain, eager at the end of their leads, greeting each other with wagging tails, roughhousing in the snow.

Fresh snow from the night before covers the ice but reveals the tracks of other four legged visitors passing through, this has been a busy place.

We're the only ones out here now, whether because of stubbornness or enthusiasm we're not sure, but at -14 c this morning it's cold enough to freeze exposed skin,…