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Summer's departing moving forward into the next season...

Days hot, nights too warm keep us sleepless...that feeling that there is no end until you look back and realize these were the last days.

Pink petaled flower from

It feels as if you will always be this hot... if the golden-tinged morning light that tickles bare feet walking around the garden will last endlessly. The weather laughing at our strong Autumnal longing to wear sweaters and long throw the shorts into the back of the closet and forget them for a day...or more.

Until one unexpected's all over, and we realized looking back that yesterday, that last glorious sweaty hot night and deep stillness signified our summer for another year.

Sunflower fading from

For now, the leaves start to turn colors not seen since last Autumn, crisp edges shattering, colors on a spectrum that is as spectacular as only a land that is so hot and dry and then so cold and long of length in winter can present.

During the warm days there are masses of leaves drooping in the heat, bouncing back when infrequent rains fall, thunder threatens, and lightning flashes across the sky in colors ranging from the bluest shades of the ocean deep with speckled stars to the brightest beam of a LED flashlight.

White petalled flowers from

Fragrant manure drifts from the farmer's dusty fields, redolent of dairy cow poop, as fields are harrowed in preparation for fall. Machinery drones on into the dark evenings creating man made dust storms that carry across the way and into every crevice of our window sills.

Harvesting is in full swing with squares, rectangles and giant white plastic covered marshmallow shaped bales of hay popping up in barren fields where once a sea of golden swaying seed heads lived, life moving forward into the next season.

Waterbowl in the garden from

Back in my garden, frantic crickets jump in arcs chased by a sleek grey fur bearing huntress, Bella our tabby who rules the yard with an iron paw is on the hunt. Mice quiver in despair when trapped under her claws and bees flee for the safety of blossoms higher than she can jump.

Bobble headed quail, poor parents that they are...have lost most of their progeny from 3 successive large broods...each day the parade of tiny fluffy balls of feathers one or two chicks shorter. The last one in line picked off.. until now, only a few of their sullen teenagers spotty with pin feathers and gangly wings propel themselves over fences when coming to visit.

White cabbage moths desperately flutter among the spring seeded Purple Sprouting Broccoli determined to do as much damage as they can before succumbing to the cooler weather that is surely coming.

Garden cat with brick path from

Bees buzz busily among the empty seed heads of the onions, clinging to shards of pollen coating the nodding sunflower heads in the early morning...safely asleep, drowsy until the slanting sunlight warms them.

It's time to wander through the garden gathering seeds on dry mornings, stuffing them into recycled envelopes, leaving this summer's notes to be deciphered next spring.

For now, there's still time to ease back into the shady chair on the porch while planning next year's garden. To take note of overachieving blossoms, and decide what to do about the lazy bloomers... performance Exit interviews for flowers who didn't work hard enough.

Birdhouse and black eyed susans in the garden from

Spare time is spent contemplating the masses of growing things surrounding the garden bench, while the grey-furred Queen of the Garden hunts for her victims in the bushes nearby.

Black Eyed Susans glow contentedly, emitting a golden light from some inner grace. Glimmering in the heat, and shimmering in the rain, continuing to produce beautiful goldenrod blossoms.

Hydrangea blossoms bordering the patio droop sleepily...napping until the cool weather comes back.

It's summer...departing...leaving us slowly...surely... moving us forward into Autumn's days.

Jen @ Rural


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