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Forest Moments

Our time spent in the forest feels endless and surreal.

As soon as we step into the woods magical things happen, breathing slows down, feet follow a path that wanders slowly forward, heart rate evens out. There no stress in the forest, no worries, no real world, that's all left behind.

The green scent of freshness and growing things will never be accurately captured in a can, and it mists around our bodies while moss springs back from underneath each step.

Mossy green colored funnel shaped lichen in the woods from

Cedar branches languidly wave as we pass by, cones crunch underfoot, fronds quiver, and branches twinge, while mud sucks at our feet.

The forest alternates between absolute breath holding stillness with a strong sense of danger and raucous celebratory bird song as soon as they determine we're no threat.

The outside world feels far off, smothered sounds echoing around the large ragged trunks and the foliage canopy overhead funnels light into small glowing circles on the path.

soft green toned lichen in the woods from

A male ring-necked pheasant bursts from it's hiding place and my hearts reacts with adrenaline coursing through veins in a flight or fight split second moment that is over as soon as it's frantic screeches echo off down the path.

The bird fumbles through the dense underbrush hoping to draw us away from its mate's nest on the edge of the forest wall.

Birchbark on downed tree from

Crows and Ravens in the branches above continue to mock each other over imagined territorial boundaries, even though the Eagles hold the highest court and make the final decision.

We stop and spend a moment looking up at the sky under the spread wingtips of the hawks who are soaring overhead on a warm current of air, searching open spots in the field for mice.

There's a moment of "if we could stay here forever" disregarding both the pleasures and obligations of real life, living in a period of time that cannot possibly last as long as we want it to...

Feet standing next to a fallen birch tree from

We exit the woods coated in forest feelings, the scent of cedar clinging to our hair, quiet in our heart and mind and looking forward to our next hike.

Jen @ Rural

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