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Spring Unfurling

Spring's the master of the reveal, unboxing the season, an expert at creating anticipation, and eagerness in our hearts.

Inch by inch the spring thaw releases the grasp of the gritty snow, first from the roads, then the edges of the gardens. Unfurling beauty and forgotten treasures that have remained hidden during the winter season.

"Every year one day comes, when, although there is no obvious change in the appearance of trees and hedges, the Earth seems to breathe and it is spring."

Elizabeth Clarke

It stops you in your tracks... makes you gaze skyward, and to run your eyes down the matted bark of a once bare tree to marvel that what was a slow turning and has now rushed headlong into the full season.

succulent with plum toned colour palette from

Spring beginnings are painted with a muted color palette, the soft greys, and browns of faded frosted foliage, twisted barren branches stark in the sky, but the full throated songs of the birds as they sing in the early morning are not faded. Their tweets and raucous caws echo through the bare branches of the trees. Trilling and singing of a season that is yet to fully evolve.

bare tree branches and plum toned colour palette from

The rising light that creeps over the mountains, sprouts of new green shoots, grass slowly turning into lawn are all welcome signs of spring. As are the sights of violas, blossoms and bees, a kaleidoscopes of images for our winter weary eyes.

Spring bulbs pierce the cold wet dark soil, and lilac buds swelling on brittle winter heavy branches plumping with sap.

Each day is new, each week bears a visible change to the one before.

Barn board flat lay with birds nest and prints of succulents and muted plum toned colour palette from

Our hearts soar as the last white patch of ragged snow covering is washed away, discarded like a dirty quilt, it's faded covering no longer needed.

And spring begins to unfurl its beauty once again.

Jen @ Rural

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Janet Martin said…
oh this post makes me so happy. It put into words exactly what we are experiencing in Ontario as well! I esp. love this; 'a kaleidoscopes of images for our winter weary eyes.' YES!
RURAL magazine said…
Here's to the end of the snow in a timely fashion for you Janet, and the bringing on of spring!

Jen @ Rural

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