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Showing posts from August 19, 2018

The Late Summer Garden

Want to take a wander through a late summer Okanagan garden, then please click on the link below.

It will open up the Adobe Spark post that I created to share images of the blossoms that are gracing my garden right now.

Waiting for a breath of fresh air

We've been going through a batch of smokey skies that hide the mountains, making the sun look like a rosy orange ball in the sky. Some days it's so dark it feels like dusk at midday.

But it does give everything a warm end of summer look. 

Waiting for a breath of fresh air 
While there's a golden peachy toned light evenly bathing everything in its glow... all that smoke has us waiting for a breath of fresh air, and a good solid breeze to blow it away.

I know it's not popular to wish away the summer heat...but I'm doing it...and hoping that when the heat goes away, so does the constant threat of wildfires. 

I can't help myself, I'm longing for days spent on the mountains, breathing in deep lungfuls of fresh air. ...

What about you? 

Jen @ Rural