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Spring - suddenly

Spring is a season that always appears suddenly where I live. The Okanagan is known for its beautiful sunny hot summers. Excessively so if you are a gardener watching your beloved plants withering in the intense heat.

It looks like that's not going to change despite our long and never ending winter, which suddenly left us a few weeks ago. Now we are in for a stretch of potentially record breaking temperatures that will melt the snowcap on the mountains and cause considerable flooding.
As hard as they are to find, there are still patches of snow snuggled up under a shady roof, and the spring bulbs have barely raised their delicate heads from the frosty ground...but summer is arriving here any moment now. 
Don't blink..
So much for spring. 

But even the overly enthusiastic summer temperatures will be welcome it's a joy to see the unfurling of the leaves, the opening of the blossoms, the greening of the's been a long winter. 
Spring is bringing a new issue of R…