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RURAL magazine Winter Love issue

Today RURAL magazine is reaching a milestone...

Not only are we releasing the specialfree digital issue of Winter Love celebrating the beauty of our Wintery season.   

We're also cheering about the publication of an introductory print issue.

Talk about happy dancing....
Having this printed copy in my hands is beyond my wildest dreams...  it's an amazing feeling. 

All those hours of sitting at the computer, the emails back and forth with our contributors, the planning, designing, proofreading, the times when the challenge seemed to be more than I had bargained for....was it worth it?

Yes, totally and unequivocally YES!

It's all contained in these lovely oh so beautiful pages of our special edition called Winter Love. 

With gorgeous thick paper pages and a beautiful sturdy cover, it's filled with lush photography and words. Our contributors are truly amazing, they worked hard to create their stories and images so they could be shared with you both online and in print. 

The digita…