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Cold as cold can be

My fingers have lost any sense of feeling
beyond a biting ache that radiates with an intense and unrelenting reminder to put my gloves back on.

I comply quickly...but not before slipping my cell phone into my pocket...

So much for my new keep your hands warm in the freezing temperatures gloves that I'm test driving.

Breath freezes into small frosty patches as I exhale through the knitted scarf wrapped around my face, frilly pink fronds from its yarn waving with delight as the warm air moves around my head.

Shivering, my shaking hand makes it way back into my jacket pocket, the aching bite temporarily stops, I grab my cell phone once again....aim, focus, and shoot as the snowflakes fall around me.

Despite this being a backcountry road there are still vehicles passing by, faces peering out the side windows, curious as to why someone would willingly stop their vehicle and get out for anything other than an emergency or to pick up their mail....

It's the call of the snow.

The allure of al…

The glowing apples

Someone re-gifted us a bag of foraged heirloom apples, given to them by someone who knew someone, who had a tree that was so gnarled and old that they no longer remembered who had originally planted it or even the variety of apple. 

All they knew was that they tasted great when harvested each Autumn, and it was a shame to let them go to waste...they were well past their best before date when we received them, but they've been hanging around the back door like a stray pet for some time. I couldn't bear to send them off to the compost and the worms yet... 

Originally destined to become applesauce, those charming apples with their pale golden skin glow in the dim light of the approaching winter solstice. 

Capturing warmth from the table lamp perched on the edge of the kitchen dresser, they glimmer like fairy lights seasonally scattered in among antique glass ornaments. 

Each time I walked past them, in daylight or darkness, they made me feel warm and Christmasy and for this reason al…

The red - red berries of winter

It seems fitting that nature gives us red berries in the winter. A contrasting flash of color in an otherwise monochromatic world.

And when the frost hits sparkling them with icy crystals they are even more lovely.

Wintery quotes make the season that much nicer

We're a big fan of great are too?

Then let's enjoy reading through our collection of wintery quotes, we've been sharing them on our Instagram feed if you aren't caught up yet....

Got a favorite wintery quote? Let us know, we'd love to share some more with our followers.  Let us know your favorite wintery quote in the comments below, and if we use it we'll make sure to mention your name.

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