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Finding Rural

Maybe you clicked on a pin and came over from my Pinterest board.. or you're a blogger who's dropping by, or you're curious about what Rural is.

Rural is not just a place in the heart, it's for those who...
...have an innate love of the mountains, the outdoors, and the joys of gardening, it's all about our connection with nature. 

Rural is the moment that the setting sun glides with a golden glow across the fading fields, while the birds sing from the branches, and the bugs buzz around your head.

It's in that deep breath you just took.
Rural is the bumps under the wheels of a bike travelling down the backcountry road, and the startle of a pheasant calling from the underbrush.

It's in the marvelling of the intricate craftsmanship of a bird's nest, and the unfurling of a fern.

Rural is in the crunch of hiking boots on gravelly rocks as we travel up the mountain path, breath measured, legs working hard.

Rural...because your heart lives here...

Interested in…

Glacier Lilies

We hiked upward as the trail wove its way through the cedar and bushes in the moist areas and walked between giant moss covered boulders that must have been perched there for centuries, silent sentinels at the head of old logging trails.

The ground levelling and then swelling like waves in the ocean... until a flotilla of nodding yellow petals with bright chunky green leaves glowed on an otherwise barren landscape plateau.
Filling our gardener's post winter weary hearts to overflowing. Color, and masses of it, bright, cheerful, and exotic enough to make us pause for as long as we could.

Glacier lilies...are a wildflower known to grow even under a coat of snow, these dainty yellow lilies are native to the Okanagan, and various other areas in the region.

They're hardy, little plants surviving the cold temperatures we get here down to  -35 C or colder in our Canadian winters. They're even rportedly local bear's first meals after waking up from hibernation.

To pretty to ea…

Forest Moments

Our time spent in the forest feels endless and surreal.

As soon as we step into the woods magical things happen, breathing slows down, feet follow a path that wanders slowly forward, heart rate evens out. There no stress in the forest, no worries, no real world, that's all left behind.

The green scent of freshness and growing things will never be accurately captured in a can, and it mists around our bodies while moss springs back from underneath each step.

Cedar branches languidly wave as we pass by, cones crunch underfoot, fronds quiver, and branches twinge, while mud sucks at our feet.

The forest alternates between absolute breath holding stillness with a strong sense of danger and raucous celebratory bird song as soon as they determine we're no threat.

The outside world feels far off, smothered sounds echoing around the large ragged trunks and the foliage canopy overhead funnels light into small glowing circles on the path.

A male ring-necked pheasant bursts from it's h…

Spring Unfurling

Spring's the master of the reveal, unboxing the season, an expert at creating anticipation, and eagerness in our hearts.

Inch by inch the spring thaw releases the grasp of the gritty snow, first from the roads, then the edges of the gardens. Unfurling beauty and forgotten treasures that have remained hidden during the winter season.

"Every year one day comes, when, although there is no obvious change in the appearance of trees and hedges, the Earth seems to breathe and it is spring."Elizabeth Clarke

It stops you in your tracks... makes you gaze skyward, and to run your eyes down the matted bark of a once bare tree to marvel that what was a slow turning and has now rushed headlong into the full season.

Spring beginnings are painted with a muted color palette, the soft greys, and browns of faded frosted foliage, twisted barren branches stark in the sky, but the full throated songs of the birds as they sing in the early morning are not faded. Their tweets and raucous caws ec…

Rural Spring Signs Mini Journal

We're looking forward to the signs of spring, some subtle like the bulging of buds on bare branches that will burst into gorgeous fresh leaves one day soon, and the green spears of spring bulbs pushing the dark earth aside as they clamber to the light.

Here in the Okanagan, BC we're still waiting for signs, the temperatures are supposed to rise, the snow's supposed to melt, but it's oh so hard to wait.

If you find yourself comparing a new Spring's arrival to the previous one wouldn't it be great to have an easy way to record them?

I've created the Rural Spring Signs Mini Journal just for you, to help record those first delicate signs of spring, something small that can be tucked away afterwards, pulled out for reference next year.

So, how do you get yours?

It's easy, sign up for Rural's seasonal email newsletter, sent out approximately four times a year and you'll not only be joining our amazing community of women who love nature and outdoors bu…

Wintery words that will warm you up for spring

Winter, the very sound of it is like frigid air blowing across a frozen lake.

It's such a beautiful season, but so intense.
And sometimes it feels as if it will last forever...we know it won't though...

Here are a few more wintery words to warm us up to the thought of spring, and to keep us believing that Winter is nearly over.

SHURL when all the snow slides off a roof after it begins to thaw, that’s a shurl.
Even the sound of it rushing off of your tongue sounds like the snow falling off of the roof.

Brumous:  those grey skies and winter days filled with heavy clouds are brumous.

Niveous resembling snow

MOBLE    When you moble you're wrapping up your head with a hood, think layering up to keep warm.

And a word that will fill those of us with snowbound hearts with joy...

Sareureuk a Korean word that describes the sound of snowflakes slowly melting in the warmer days or the sunshine.

Looking forward to Spring...
Jen @ Rural

The frozen forest

The empty parking is lot ringed by stark trees standing like solitary sentinels at the edge of the woods, while silent birds sit hidden among the frost covered branches, making us wonder who else is out there watching while we invade their territory.

Slipping out of the truck, stiff from sitting, sending longing looks back at the heated seats... we move quickly, gathering what we need, it's too cold to stand still, to talk, so we're of one mind, get to the woods, where it will be a few degrees warmer. The cold is a challenge we're up for.

The dog's strain, eager at the end of their leads, greeting each other with wagging tails, roughhousing in the snow.

Fresh snow from the night before covers the ice but reveals the tracks of other four legged visitors passing through, this has been a busy place.

We're the only ones out here now, whether because of stubbornness or enthusiasm we're not sure, but at -14 c this morning it's cold enough to freeze exposed skin,…