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Goodbye June you were as magical as a kaleidoscope

When you were a child do you remember looking through the peep hole of a kaleidoscope? The rustling and swirling sound it made as the colored pieces of jagged glass, and sparkling bits fell into place. 

The magical reflection resulting in multiple triangles forming a colorful mosaic.

June is coming to an end soon, but the array of blossoms and blooms have made it feel like I've got my eye pressed up to that twirling kaleidoscope once again...but this time I'm watching the garden through it...

The flashes of color as if each plant and bush was merely waiting its turn to fall into place. 

The earlier months may show green growth, but June is a magical month that unfolds petal by petal.

It features the peonies, poppies, and all of the other flowers that parade elegantly through the garden. Intertwining with the new green leaves and then....casually and oh so gracefully falling in a gentle drift to the ground.

Gorgeous and magical, goodbye June, we will remember you and look forward to …

Book giveaway Selina Lake Garden Style

First, let me share with you the bad news... this amazingly beautiful book is going to make you want to run out and redo your entire's going to change the way you look at everything in your garden from a different perspective...and that's great.

The good news is.... you can win a copy for yourself. All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post with your name, and email. If you wanted to tell us your favorite thing about gardening...then we would be even happier.

Selina Lake is an amazing author of many books, each one seemingly more beautiful and creative than the last...the beauty of the book lays in how easy it is to use her ideas as a starting point for inspiration. 

Make sure to enter, one copy will be given away to a lucky Canadian or US  resident.
Contest closes June 22, 2018, winner will be notified by email.

One entry per person please, open to Canadian, and US residents only.
A copy of this book was supplied for the purpose of a review by the publis…

Inside Rural Replenish

Putting together a magazine is like planning a can sketch out all the garden plans you want in the winter, but you have to wait until the spring to plant.

We planned, thought, dreamed, and Rural Replenish is blooming on the pages.

Replenish is a beautiful lush issue, filled with gorgeous photography, and evocative stories. It's worth taking a look, the thick paper, and fully illustrated pages are perfect for a gift or as a keepsake. Don't miss out, order yours today. 

If you haven't already found us on Facebook and Instagram come and be part of our Rural world. We're sharing sneak peaks of the magazine there, along with other fun things.

Visit us and say hello.

Jen @ Rural magazine

The newest issue of Rural magazine is "finally: here

I's been a while...despite starting early in the year and remaining on schedule all along... an unexpected delay happened at the printers. 

One that they couldn't solve, and took almost two weeks.. what can you do?  

Not much, in fact, all the emails back and forth to support took so long.....but good news, the latest issue of Rural magazine called Replenish is now ready if you are interested in purchasing a copy for yourself, or someone who might enjoy reading this keepsake magazine.

It's full of lovely photography and "well told" stories about how our contributors find ways to replenish themselves...printed in full color on gorgeously thick paper, this is an art book style magazine...well worth ordering.

It's a great read, and at 44 pages it's full of wonderful stories, and gorgeous images.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy click here to be taken to  Blurb's site.

At this point you may be asking where's the digital's …

Cariboo adventure

"I'd like to take you up and show you and Mom our cabin," my Sister said to me last week. 

When this invitation came about I was hesitant....could I just up and leave? What about the magazine...what about my garden? 

Throwing the keyboard, and the trowel to the wind, I went on an adventure...we had it timed so the mosquitoes were not yet out, and the ice would be coming off of the lake.

We returned wind and sunburned despite tons of sunscreen....with over a thousand pictures on my phone, and camera...along with memories of time spent with those I love.
They were good times... the sound of waves lapping against the dock, and the haunting call of loons at midnight from across the lake echoing in my head. 
Ducks in the bay doing a bit of house hunting, wild bears we startled on the roadside... too many deer to keep track of, a hare, and the most amazing of all, a nesting sandhill crane!
All of the power poles in the Cariboo seem to be marked with these cool tin numbers on them...…

Spring - suddenly

Spring is a season that always appears suddenly where I live. The Okanagan is known for its beautiful sunny hot summers. Excessively so if you are a gardener watching your beloved plants withering in the intense heat.

It looks like that's not going to change despite our long and never ending winter, which suddenly left us a few weeks ago. Now we are in for a stretch of potentially record breaking temperatures that will melt the snowcap on the mountains and cause considerable flooding.
As hard as they are to find, there are still patches of snow snuggled up under a shady roof, and the spring bulbs have barely raised their delicate heads from the frosty ground...but summer is arriving here any moment now. 
Don't blink..
So much for spring. 

But even the overly enthusiastic summer temperatures will be welcome it's a joy to see the unfurling of the leaves, the opening of the blossoms, the greening of the's been a long winter. 
Spring is bringing a new issue of R…