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A Golden Lakeside Hike

The sun was weak, recuperating after days of rain, although its rays were golden, coating everything it touched in a caramel glow as we wove our way through farmland until we reached an empty parking lot with enough spaces for all of us enthusiasts on this amazing and rare weather day.....

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Midlife Mountaineers

Each footstep brings us closer to the top of the steep hill, our breath frosty as it gusts out of aching lungs, muscles demanding to stop, but we push forward....

The energy of the dogs who are eagerly leading the way as we edge up the slippery path helps to keep us going.

"Break" one of us calls out for a moments rest, and we gratefully stop to recover our breath....Oh.... Thank.....Goood....ness...someone manages to huff out...

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Welcoming November

November's one of those months that always seems to get a bad rap. Sure it can be a wet, morose, and often sullen month....but there are good things about it...we just have to look a little closer at it....

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As Autumn Ages

"As Autumn ages, it finds itself waking up each morning in a bit of a fog, with stiff joints that take until midday to limber up when the brilliant sunshine finally burns away the fog."

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As The River Runs

I haven't been in years.

But when one of Nature's most amazing events takes place in so nearby I couldn't miss it.

It's the dominant year at the Adams River Salmon Run in Chase, BC and what a spectacular sight it was.

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Letting Go

Autumn is about to show... how beautiful it is to let go...just look at the leaves.....

It's been a tough week for us, we've had to let our beloved cat Bootsie go...and there's more news about Rural that you should read.

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Fungi, Forest, Fall And Fresh Air

The light is low now, slanting, with its golden fingers raking through the yet to turn color leaves.....

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