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Letting Go

Autumn is about to show... how beautiful it is to let go...just look at the leaves.....

It's been a tough week for us, we've had to let our beloved cat Bootsie go...and there's more news about Rural that you should read.

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Jen @ Rural


Fungi, Forest, Fall And Fresh Air

The light is low now, slanting, with its golden fingers raking through the yet to turn color leaves.....

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Flowers - Free to a good home

"Free Plants"
It took little more than a handwritten sign made with a piece of cardboard from a cat litter box, haphazardly taped with black electric tape onto a bamboo stake and poked into the grass on the front lawn.....

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Jen @ Rural

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The Promise Of Autumn Shines Through The Cracks Of Summer

Summer has been allowing Autumn to shine through the cracks.

It's an unsettling feeling to have cold feet and to have to rummage through the drawer for heavier socks. To be throwing on an extra layer in the evening, or turning on the heat in the morning.

We live in the Okanagan where it's usually hot well into September, falling asleep to the sounds of crickets seeping into the open windows and soothed by a melodic frog chorus that drifts across the fields. But lately the windows are nearly closed, the floors are cold, and the crickets silenced.

Falling into it allLeaves have started to fall from the maple that lives in the side garden, it's always the first to adapt to the seasonal change, and the fluffy limelight hydrangea blossoms are showing pink tinges on their petals.
The yellow flowers of the Black Eyed Susans glow as the sun goes down, shimmering with caramel colored butterflies desperate for one last drink. 

But Still Bumbling AlongI've come across chilled bumblebe…

The Late Summer Garden

Want to take a wander through a late summer Okanagan garden, then please click on the link below.

It will open up the Adobe Spark post that I created to share images of the blossoms that are gracing my garden right now.

Waiting for a breath of fresh air

We've been going through a batch of smokey skies that hide the mountains, making the sun look like a rosy orange ball in the sky. Some days it's so dark it feels like dusk at midday.

But it does give everything a warm end of summer look. 

Waiting for a breath of fresh air 
While there's a golden peachy toned light evenly bathing everything in its glow... all that smoke has us waiting for a breath of fresh air, and a good solid breeze to blow it away.

I know it's not popular to wish away the summer heat...but I'm doing it...and hoping that when the heat goes away, so does the constant threat of wildfires. 

I can't help myself, I'm longing for days spent on the mountains, breathing in deep lungfuls of fresh air. ...

What about you? 

Jen @ Rural 

Mesmerizing August heat

Mesmerized by a shred of a willow leaf snagged on a spider's web,spinning like an ice dancer in the hot breeze, it felt as if I was melting into the cement step.

Watching the white cabbage moths darting through the air above the garden from the cement steps out back they appeared to be a fluttering white mass of snowflakes among the petals of the blooming flowers.

It was too hot to get up, so I imagined the slithering earwigs munching lacy patterns in the kale, and the slimy slurp of the slug as it devoured the most succulent tips of my baby zucchini. 

Thoughts of the crunching sound the squat oval caterpillars would be making while they gobbled the beans, their fuzzy hairs turned a bilious shade of pink ran through my head. 

It was just too hot to do anything about itSo I mentally squished them instead and crossed that off of my list.
A black crow drooped morosely on the potting bench while prising open a peanut shell hoping to find a crackerjack surprise inside. His gurgle and caws s…