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Wonderful words for winter

It's just past mid-winter That heavy bleak "it's never going to end" feeling centred deep in your heart weighs down your very being....but there is hope.

We may be thinking longingly of spring, wondering when that's going to happen while temperatures drop, winds rage and the snow blows.

The white stuff building up even higher in the garden, but some wonderful winter words should help us get through this dark and gloomy season. So let's explore a few winter words to push those last days of the cold and dark well behind us.

All things relating to winter could be referred to as:1. Hiemal As in, it was a hiemal season the driveway needed to be plowed....again...... Or it feels very hiemal out there, so maybe I won't bother plowing but just sit here sipping my hot cocoa. I might even post it on Instagram, a steaming cup, snow covered windows all artistically arranged.

2. Subnivean  Situated or under the snow....
Let's use this word in a gardening reference…

Believe in the beauty of winter

When you look outside... the barren cold landscape do you see the beauty in Winter?

Or do you strain to hear snatches of the blackbird
calling from the months ahead to herald spring?

Do you see the diamond hard sparkle of winter light on bare branches crusted with ice Or do you only dream of the yellow song of the daffodil?

Do you hear the sounds The branches make as they scrape past the trunks of the trees while showers of snow fall to earth?

If you believe in the beauty of winter you will hear a tune that whistles between the sleeping trees of the forest, one that echoes past the mountains feet.

Do you know that the creatures deep in the forest who sleep tucked under a blanket of winter snow snoozing until spring are missing out on all the spectacular sights while the crystals and ice line the streams.

So stop for a moment and listen to the silence that slides over the snowy fields while flakes form skyward before coating the roads.

And know in your heart that's the beauty …

If A Tree Falls

There's a phrase that reads...
If a tree falls

 in the forest........

And no one is there.....

Will anyone hear it?

Writing blog posts can feel like that at times...

If I write it...

Does anyone read it?

Should I bother, is it even worth it?

Then I realized....a blog post is like a tree in the forest.

If it's been written, someone will read it and even if they don't leave a comment it's still been noticed, read, probably enjoyed and it's out there representing what Rural is.

I've come to the realization that if a tree falls in the forest, it's the forest.

So I'm continuing to write these blog posts 'cause I want to bring you more of those moments that feel ever so profoundly Rural.
Like the time an entire murder of black crows coated our snowy back road, a giant mass of feathered protestors refusing to move until my vehicle came to a complete.... ....stop.

Then the nasty feathered fiends flew up to the telephone wires and catcalled me while I…
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Merry Christmas from Rural

Sending out warm winter wishes from Rural, I'll be around on our other social media sites a little bit such as Instagram, and Facebook, but will be taking some time off to be with my family.

I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas time, and look forward to reaching out to you again after the holidays are over.

Jen @ Rural

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A Golden Lakeside Hike

The sun was weak, recuperating after days of rain, although its rays were golden, coating everything it touched in a caramel glow as we wove our way through farmland until we reached an empty parking lot with enough spaces for all of us enthusiasts on this amazing and rare weather day.....

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Midlife Mountaineers

Each footstep brings us closer to the top of the steep hill, our breath frosty as it gusts out of aching lungs, muscles demanding to stop, but we push forward....

The energy of the dogs who are eagerly leading the way as we edge up the slippery path helps to keep us going.

"Break" one of us calls out for a moments rest, and we gratefully stop to recover our breath....Oh.... Thank.....Goood....ness...someone manages to huff out...

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