The newest issue of Rural magazine is "finally: here

I's been a while...despite starting early in the year and remaining on schedule all along... an unexpected delay happened at the printers. 

Foxgloves on cover of Rural magazine

One that they couldn't solve, and took almost two weeks.. what can you do?  

Not much, in fact, all the emails back and forth to support took so long.....but good news, the latest issue of Rural magazine called Replenish is now ready if you are interested in purchasing a copy for yourself, or someone who might enjoy reading this keepsake magazine.

It's full of lovely photography and "well told" stories about how our contributors find ways to replenish themselves...printed in full color on gorgeously thick paper, this is an art book style magazine...well worth ordering.

Magazine open to pages showing contributors

It's a great read, and at 44 pages it's full of wonderful stories, and gorgeous images.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy click here to be taken to  Blurb's site.

At this point you may be asking where's the digital's coming very soon. The print issue was too large to upload to Issuu, and has to be trimmed a bit...just like so many of the plants in my garden.

Inside cover of Rural magazine

So please hang on just a little while longer for the free digital's coming soon.

Jen @ Rural magazine


Congrats and also congrats to my sweet friend Jemma for being your newest contributor.
RURAL magazine said…
Thanks so much Linda, it was a wonderful experience to get to work with Joyce on this issue.


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