Dear Winter...I think we need to see other seasons

Dear Winter...

I think we need to see other seasons...

Yes, I know our love for each other was a deep as the snow that's fallen almost every day since November...but lately you've been smothering me. 

Persons shadow as they walk on a snow covered field.

I long for green shoots, and branches that are budding, and I need to see the ground once again. 

Dear Winter, let's break up

It's not as if you weren't faithful in sticking around, it's just that we are spending too much time about we give each other some space.

I've started to take you for granted, being with you all this time..and I'm finding my eyes straying towards Spring, dreaming of days outside without your chilly grasp...and I have to wonder what else there is out there for me.

Barbed wire fence in snow covered field

Winter, this isn't goodbye

I can tell you don't do goodbyes easily...but, maybe we could set up a meeting once again after Autumn comes to visit.

Blue sky mountains, snow covered landscape and fence in farmland

I'm looking forward to Spring charming us with its bright days and sprouting greenery. And when Summer comes...well it sings to our hearts. 

How can I help myself?

So Winter..let's try seeing other's all for the best.

Love, RURAL Magazine...


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