How "Intentional" became my word of 2018

I don't normally do "The WORD" thing.

I've nothing against it, and was happy to support those who did it every year. Contemplation is a good thing, but it's ....

Completely not my thing...


Until now I've managed to avoid becoming a "word for the year" kind of person  

Staying away from any places where there might be talk about choosing your "word for the upcoming year" or situations that might possibly make "the word" part of my life...of course, well meaning friends would say..." oh, you have to get a word, it will change your life. We can't believe how much we love our "word" it's great having one."

Right...ah ha...

And it's only for a year.  Sure it is...once you's a slippery slope.

To me "the word" is like going into a pet store when you have absolutely no intention of bringing home that cute cat in the window...

The next thing you know..

You find yourself lugging out the large bag of kitty litter, a cat bed, and of course "the cat"'s better just to walk fast past the window.

But here I am, with the cat, the kitty litter....and "the word".

Purring around my legs, rubbing it's cute furry chin on my ankle....meowing ever so softly and looking at me with adoring's "the word."

Believe me, I didn't choose it myself...just like a stray cat that shows up on your door and chooses you, it choose me.

=^..^=    Intentional   =^..^=

That's the word.

There it black and white, it's got a cute little pink spot on its nose too...loves catnip, and naps...just like my cat Bootsie,..who incidentally choose us one day and refused to go back to his rightful home.

Now he runs our household...demanding food, and warm laps all winter.

We totally adore him...

But somehow I think Intentional should be his name....

Jen @ RURAL magazine.


susan hemann said…
lol I feel the same way, but wound up choosing a word last year, which I have since forgotten
this year I am trying again with a phrase bring joy
RURAL magazine said…
Mine is quite happily purring on the couch right now...but it also likes to get up early in the it must be working.

Love the phrase, bring's a positive way to look at life.

Jen @ RURAL magazine
Jen . . . have been googling everything I could think of and tapping every link I could find that related to dreams, mud, boots, light . . and here you are. (I think!) I haven't heard fo choosing a word for the year but have moved from the coast of Dorset to the post-industrial, urban north-west of England. A big change and a new blog to go with it.

Loose and Leafy in Halifax.

Happy New Year!
RURAL magazine said…
Lucy, how delightful to see you here. How wonderful that you now live in a new place and have a new blog reflecting these changes in your life.

I'm sorry it was so difficult to find me now, Muddy Boot Dreams and The Light Laughed blogs are both retired, it was time.

And now I'm publishing RURAL magazine, it's interesting how the paths on our individual journey meander. I hope that you will take a look at the magazine, we've got a new bonus issue coming out at the end of this month. It's full of love for Winter.

Lovely to hear from you, and I'll be by to visit your blog as soon as I can.

Jen @ RURAL magazine
Diana Studer said…
I have missed Bootsie - lovely to see him again!

(PS since I use a laptop - landscape view - I find your magazine in portrait format needs too much scrolling - but perfect for tablet and mobile readers)

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